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Data Management
Consolidate Your Outside Collection Vendor Data Into a Single Repository
Account Placement
Eliminate the "Poker" Style Approach to Account Placement
Alert Agencies Automatically on Every Account Outside of Standards
Performance Reporting
Receive Reporting Updates Every Day
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  • Consolidate your outside collection vendor data into a single repository
  • Standarize information into a common data format
  • Reconcile agency data to client data
  • Find lost accounts
  • Clean up data integrity issue
  • Compare agencies using a single standard
  • Create competition between agencies
  • Drill down to your level of interest from enterprise to individual account
  • Automated and streamlined for ease of use
  • Updated daily
  • Secure online dashboard puts information at your finger tips
  • On average 34% of accounts are outside of work standards
  • Audit every account everyday
  • Automated rule based system lets you set the rules
  • Automatically alerts agencies on every account outside of standards
  • Track the time to correct violations
  • Monitor work standards and FDCPA violations
  • Mitigate risk of lawsuits and negative publicity
  • Eliminates the "poker" style approach to account placement
  • Use Bayesian Statistics to learn the optimal placement strategy for each individual account
  • Ability to override the system recommendations
  • More accuracy forecast liquidation results
  • Maximize results using performance reporting and audit history
  • Increase recoveries and improve ROI

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