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About Us
Our Story Is What Makes Us Who We Are

Neu Consulting Group has been transforming the way companies interact with their multiple collection agencies since 2006, when it was founded by Ryan Neuweg. An industry veteran, Ryan had recently sold out of his collection agency after successfully building it from four resources to 85. Throughout his years of experience, he saw a major lack of integrity, transparency and efficiency in the collection practices around him. Wanting to change this, he founded Neu Consulting Group.

Neu Consulting Group originally provided consultation to companies seeking enhanced agency management. Over time, the company became more involved with the needs of its customers and began to create software solutions that met those needs. Before long, Neu Analytics emerged as the first-ever comprehensive collection agency management technology.

Only a few years later, Neu Analytics has surpassed all competitors and thrives in its place in the industry. Under Ryan’s thought-driven leadership, it has come to meet the needs of numerous customers. The unique technology platform is looking forward to even greater developments, but Ryan Neuweg has already met the core of his goal: to create new improvements within the collection industry and redeem integrity, transparency and efficiency.

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