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Performance Reporting
Industry Problem

When large corporations receive periodic reports from their collection agencies, they usually come in varying formats and contain expansive amounts of data, each organized by a different set of standards. This process doesn't allow for an apples-to-apples performance comparison between vendors. Also, because many companies don't have the capability to archive their information, there is no way for them to generate analysis based on historical records. This results in the inability to assess which vendor is working hardest and succeeding most often, and also what the particular strengths or weaknesses of each agency are.

Neu Solution

State-of-the-art software has opened new doors in the reporting process. The Neu Analytics reporting module unifies 100% of the data sent from agencies and normalizes the process by generating reports that are consistenlty-formatted and consistently-delivered. By giving companies a crystal-clear view of how each agency is doing in every area of collection. Neu Analytics increases competition and improves debt recovery. Businesses also have control over the distribution of information to their vendors. Finally, all reports are safely warehoused.

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